Bostic, Thomas Bostic, Family Found Genealogy

The death certificate of Thomas Bostic says….

Bostic, Family Found, Genealogy
Thomas Bostic’s Death Certificate

What it does not tell you is that Thomas was the family’s Gate Watcher. (That person who traditionally watched by the gate for you to come home, and was anxious when you were late.)

Whenever I hear stories about Thomas I’m reminded of a  poem that I once read……HOLD WIDE THE DOOR……

Thomas Bostic Family Found
Hold Wide The Door Poem

Thomas, in every sense of the word, exemplified the poem quoted above.  He provided nourishment and shelter for many of his family members.

That is what he did for my grandmother, his sister Mattie.

When an agent for the steel mill asked my grandfather, James Bradford, if he wanted to go north, my grandfather said yes. He told someone to tell his wife that he was going north and that he would send for her.

My grandfather knew without a doubt that she would go to her brother Thomas, and that is exactly what she and her young daughters did.

Thomas Bostic, ever faithful, ever loyal and always there. Because of this, our family has always held Thomas in high regard.

A special remembrance of Thomas’ life is a story my grandmother told me about him. Thomas was only a year older than she was. He loved her so much that he gave her his name, he never called her Mattie. He called her Tommy.

I cannot tell you in this short space of all his acts of kindness, but you will no doubt hear more about him as we soldier on.

Our next blog will tell you about the baby of the family, Jacob. He also lived in Thomas’ household at one time.


There are several types of death records. Don’t limit yourself to only thinking death certificate. Much information can be gained by reading obituaries, tombstones, cemetery records (contact the cemetery office), and Probate Records (probate records are held at a county level).