This week’s blog was supposed to be about Jake Bostic Jr, born January 9, 1895, in Marlboro County SC, died October 22, 1963. The son of Jacob Bostic Sr and Sophia McCullough-Bostic. We are going the scenic route to uncle Jake. Come back next to week to read about uncle Jake….

Jake Bostic Jr
Jake Bostic Jr

After all, I am “All Things Uncle Jake”.

This week I wanted to share my excitement over the latest Bostic Family Connection, as cousin Anthony Little Jr would refer to it.

I would imagine that if Anthony Little Jr, Sheila Williams and I started calculating the hours spent on Bostic family genealogy research in “2017” alone, we probably have a combined total of 4380 hours invested in “All Things Bostic”, give or take an hour, LOL!!

Not to mention our other family members who have helped us along the way. Offering family information, preparing for family reunions, fishing trips and much much more. To all of you, THANK YOU!!

We recently laughed about staying up way too late and having to work the next morning. You suffer through the day knowing you should have gone to bed much earlier the night before.

FOUR THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED EIGHTY HOURS is a lot of time spent researching, documenting and contacting people.

All those hours invested brought us to this moment in time!!!

It’s crazy to think that 4380 hours provided three people with “ONE” leaf, a leaf!!!

Ancestry Leaf
Ancestry Leaf

I was thinking about that “ONE “leaf and laughing to myself.

I thought, no one in the world would hire Leah, Sheila and Anthony to build them a house. LOL!!! But that is only if you look at it on the surface.

The reality of it is like an analogy I once heard, it goes like this. A man prayed for an Oak tree and God gave him an acorn. The man said, “God, I did not ask you for an acorn, I asked you for an Oak tree”. God said, “I gave you and Oak tree, the tree is in the acorn”.

Long story short, our ancestry leaf is so much more than a mere leaf, and yet, like a leaf it represents a family unit, something bigger than ourselves.

Our ancestry leaf was a hint or clue to let us know that there is so much more to this Bostic line than what we have found thus far.

The excitement of one Bostic connection after another is indescribable!!! I am in a constant state of being “OVER THE MOON” with excitement.

I tried to describe this feeling in a previous blog. It was about the first email that I received from “our” cousins Dot and Pat from Bennettsville SC. The subject line of their email read, Family Found.

Family Ancestry Search
Email Response to my Letter to the Editor

To this day, those two words, “Family Found”, are still the most beautiful words that I have ever read.

The email Sheila and I exchanged was equally exciting!!

Sheila and Leah's email
Sheila and Leah’s email
Then to add the icing on the cake, was to open my email and see one from Anthony.
Anthony's email
Anthony’s Email

Just when you think things can’t get any better, you get “THE CALL”.

There is nothing like a “BOSTIC” phone call.

I’ve attempted to describe a Bostic call in a previous blog entitled, yes, you guessed it!! “The Call”. A call between Pat, Dot, my mom (Marlene), Aunt Vicky and myself. Oh yes, “OVER THE MOON”. When you are talking to your blood it’s never like talking to a stranger, ask mom and Aunt Vicky!! LOL!!! Whether it’s the first call or the hundredth.

We come from an amazing family. Boston Sr & Fanny……their offspring, Dicey, Solomon, William, Scipio and Boston Jr.


Anthony, Sheila and I, and I would imagine all the rest of the Bostic’s reading this are connected from two of Boston Sr and Fanny’s sons, Solomon and Boston Jr.

One of Solomon’s sons was named Jacob Bostic and one of Boston Jr’s sons was Simon Bostic.

Half of us refer to ourselves as the descendants of Jacob Bostic Sr and his wife Sophia McCullough-Bostic; and the other half of us are the descendants of Simon Bostic and Sallie Brock-Bostic.

The references mentioned above as to who we are, are absolutely correct, but at the end of the day, we are “all

The house that Boston Sr and Fanny made.

Yes, from the outside looking in, Anthony, Sheila and I might look as if we spent thousands of hours and only managed to produce a leaf.

Family, I would advise you to take a step back and look up in order to see where the leaf came from.

Oak Tree - Our Roots Run Deep
Oak Tree – Our Roots Run Deep

We are the descendants of a mighty Oak tree.

We are Jeremiah 17 vs. 8:
They will be like a tree planted by the water the sends out its roots by the stream. It does not fear when heat comes; it’s leaves are always green. It has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit.

We are Bostic’s and in the words of Angela Williams, “Our Roots Run Deep”.