Bostic, Grains of Sand

BOSTIC’S THERE ARE SO MANY OF US!!!!! I feel like we are as numerous as grains of sand!!!

Finally, I found Peter’s family!!! Still haven’t pinned down his death year, but definitely after 1910 but prior to 1920.

I feel like the personification of the words below:

I come as One, I stand as Ten Thousand ~ Maya Angelo

I feel like I am continually in a cat and mouse chase or on an emotional roller coaster; as all you Bostic’s know.


Genealogy Research is a lesson in perseverance (you’re looking for someone and each day you go to bed with the words, I haven’t found you yet, but I’m closer I will find you). More than that, it’s a blessing!!

Through documents, pictures and stories told, you get to know these people. People that become a part of you.

The other night, I sat with my son Ryan as he read my blogs to his wife, my grand-kids and myself. Everyone coming away with a wow moment. Reading about your own family, it was cool!!!

Bray, Sissy, Amy and I


I always tell myself don’t post when you are feeling emotional, but the thing is, isn’t finding love and losing love emotional? Holding on, letting go or safely packing it away as a keepsake. This is every emotion I experience with Genealogy Research.

Every family member found is like that feeling you get when you meet that special someone. You know, the butterflies in the stomach, the rapid beating of your heart and the smile that seems to be permanently plastered on you face.


Bostic's Give Me Butterflies
Bostic’s Give Me Butterflies

Every death certificate is love loss. Not the love lost that when you sit back you say, “I’m so glad that’s over”. Not the kind of love lost that says, “wow, I can breathe again”.

It’s the love loss that says, “I would choose you every time, it was worth every moment, I would do this over and over again”. It’s the kind of love loss that you unfold every so often and place up to your nose, just to catch the scent of him, her or them.

Keepsakes -Loving Memories
Keepsakes -Loving Memories

I am totally in love with my BOSTIC FAMILY, I would choose you every time. You are worth every moment, I would do this over and over again.

On a lighter note, never ask a “Rock Star” to write a blog post for you!!!! Aunt Vicky Alfred, I want uncle Jake’s story by Sunday, or you are FIRED!!!! LOL!!!!!! The one person who I had no qualms about sharing in my blogging experience is out of control!!!!! That Ukulele Band Life!!!!


GENEALOGY RESEARCH TIP!!! Create Online Folders, keep documents scanned and saved as you go along.


Oak Tree By the River - Bostic genealogy, family found

This week’s blog was supposed to be about Jake Bostic Jr, born January 9, 1895, in Marlboro County SC, died October 22, 1963. The son of Jacob Bostic Sr and Sophia McCullough-Bostic. We are going the scenic route to uncle Jake. Come back next to week to read about uncle Jake….

Jake Bostic Jr
Jake Bostic Jr

After all, I am “All Things Uncle Jake”.

This week I wanted to share my excitement over the latest Bostic Family Connection, as cousin Anthony Little Jr would refer to it.

I would imagine that if Anthony Little Jr, Sheila Williams and I started calculating the hours spent on Bostic family genealogy research in “2017” alone, we probably have a combined total of 4380 hours invested in “All Things Bostic”, give or take an hour, LOL!!

Not to mention our other family members who have helped us along the way. Offering family information, preparing for family reunions, fishing trips and much much more. To all of you, THANK YOU!!

We recently laughed about staying up way too late and having to work the next morning. You suffer through the day knowing you should have gone to bed much earlier the night before.

FOUR THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED EIGHTY HOURS is a lot of time spent researching, documenting and contacting people.

All those hours invested brought us to this moment in time!!!

It’s crazy to think that 4380 hours provided three people with “ONE” leaf, a leaf!!!

Ancestry Leaf
Ancestry Leaf

I was thinking about that “ONE “leaf and laughing to myself.

I thought, no one in the world would hire Leah, Sheila and Anthony to build them a house. LOL!!! But that is only if you look at it on the surface.

The reality of it is like an analogy I once heard, it goes like this. A man prayed for an Oak tree and God gave him an acorn. The man said, “God, I did not ask you for an acorn, I asked you for an Oak tree”. God said, “I gave you and Oak tree, the tree is in the acorn”.

Long story short, our ancestry leaf is so much more than a mere leaf, and yet, like a leaf it represents a family unit, something bigger than ourselves.

Our ancestry leaf was a hint or clue to let us know that there is so much more to this Bostic line than what we have found thus far.

The excitement of one Bostic connection after another is indescribable!!! I am in a constant state of being “OVER THE MOON” with excitement.

I tried to describe this feeling in a previous blog. It was about the first email that I received from “our” cousins Dot and Pat from Bennettsville SC. The subject line of their email read, Family Found.

Family Ancestry Search
Email Response to my Letter to the Editor

To this day, those two words, “Family Found”, are still the most beautiful words that I have ever read.

The email Sheila and I exchanged was equally exciting!!

Sheila and Leah's email
Sheila and Leah’s email
Then to add the icing on the cake, was to open my email and see one from Anthony.
Anthony's email
Anthony’s Email

Just when you think things can’t get any better, you get “THE CALL”.

There is nothing like a “BOSTIC” phone call.

I’ve attempted to describe a Bostic call in a previous blog entitled, yes, you guessed it!! “The Call”. A call between Pat, Dot, my mom (Marlene), Aunt Vicky and myself. Oh yes, “OVER THE MOON”. When you are talking to your blood it’s never like talking to a stranger, ask mom and Aunt Vicky!! LOL!!! Whether it’s the first call or the hundredth.

We come from an amazing family. Boston Sr & Fanny……their offspring, Dicey, Solomon, William, Scipio and Boston Jr.


Anthony, Sheila and I, and I would imagine all the rest of the Bostic’s reading this are connected from two of Boston Sr and Fanny’s sons, Solomon and Boston Jr.

One of Solomon’s sons was named Jacob Bostic and one of Boston Jr’s sons was Simon Bostic.

Half of us refer to ourselves as the descendants of Jacob Bostic Sr and his wife Sophia McCullough-Bostic; and the other half of us are the descendants of Simon Bostic and Sallie Brock-Bostic.

The references mentioned above as to who we are, are absolutely correct, but at the end of the day, we are “all

The house that Boston Sr and Fanny made.

Yes, from the outside looking in, Anthony, Sheila and I might look as if we spent thousands of hours and only managed to produce a leaf.

Family, I would advise you to take a step back and look up in order to see where the leaf came from.

Oak Tree - Our Roots Run Deep
Oak Tree – Our Roots Run Deep

We are the descendants of a mighty Oak tree.

We are Jeremiah 17 vs. 8:
They will be like a tree planted by the water the sends out its roots by the stream. It does not fear when heat comes; it’s leaves are always green. It has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit.

We are Bostic’s and in the words of Angela Williams, “Our Roots Run Deep”.



Bostic Coat of Arms, Family Found Genealogy

THOMAS BOSTIC – Watching By The Gate, by Vicky Alfred was the initial introduction to Thomas.

She explained:

  1. You would be hearing more about Thomas, and
  2. Next week’s regular blog series would introduce you to Thomas’ baby brother, Jake Bostic.

Today we will take care of item #1. More about Thomas Bostic.

Thomas Bostic had something stolen from him…….HIS HEART!!

Thomas Bostic the man who was known for having a “heart of gold”, gladly handed it over to the woman who had already stolen it, Bynella Townsend.

Thomas and Bynella Bostic, Family Found Genealogy
Thomas & Bynella Bostic, The King Maker

Thomas, age 20 and Bynella, age 18 married in 1907. They had their first child, David Bostic in 1908. Solomon Bostic followed shortly thereafter in 1910.

Yes!!! Thomas Bostic was the “King Maker”.

Thomas and Bynella referred to their sons as “King David” and “King Solomon”. What could be more fitting for the sons of Thomas Bostic?

I imagine that when you hear the names King David and King Solomon certain characteristics come to mind. Power, Passion, Zest for Life and of course WISDOM.

Thomas Bostic was a man that encompassed all those characteristics. He had the makings of a “King”, or better yet, TWO “Kings”.

Thomas Bostic had so much to give and he gave it all!!!

He was as smart as he was kind. If you needed the answer, Thomas was your guy.

Thomas was a hard worker and took pride in all his accomplishments. He was a farm laborer who became the land overseer during a time when a black man was looked upon as incapable of; or not intelligent enough to handle managerial responsibilities.

When it came to “Thomas” everyone knew differently. Everyone knew that Thomas was the right man for “ANY” job. You could place a book on top of Thomas’ head and the knowledge would be absorbed. (Thomas was one of those Bostic’s), they are in every generation of the Bostic family. If you are a Bostic in the Sophia and Jacob lineage, you know who that person is in your family line that has that extreme ability to learn everything effortlessly. We all have one.

Thomas showed both of his sons, “King David” and “King Solomon”, what it was to be a true leader. Not   just outside of the home, but within the home as well.

Thomas Bostic was a hard act to follow. He provided for his wife and children in such a way that most men would say, there was nothing more to do, he was doing it all.

Thomas was not most men.

Thomas never saw a job as complete, he viewed everything with a question of what’s next? Or, how do I make this better? Whatever the final answer was, is what Thomas did.

They say behind every good man is a good woman. In Thomas case he knew this to be true. The woman behind him and beside him was Bynella Townsend-Bostic.

They say that home is where the heart is, and Bynella was that “one” woman who had a heart that matched Thomas’ heart. Together they created a home that was a haven and a castle for all the people that they loved.

To attempt to count the number of Bostic’s and Townsend’s that were housed, fed, clothed and comforted by Thomas and Bynella would be a foolish undertaking at best. Just know that the list goes on and on.

One of Thomas’ nephews, Nathaniel Bostic, was known for the statement, “I was born a man, and I will die a man”. Nathaniel certainly accomplished this, and In retrospect, if Nathaniel was here today and thought back on his uncle Thomas, he would say that Thomas was the “O.G” when it came to being a man.

Thomas Bostic touched all our lives in ways we will never know; but one thing is for sure and I think that Nathaniel would agree, being a man when you are a Bostic is an inheritance because Bostic men walk in the footsteps of the “King Maker” and his brothers.

RESEARCH TIP!!! Join a Genealogy Society!!! Knowledge is power and they can provide lots of tools and resources to set you on a path of genealogy success.

***NEXT WEEK’S BLOG**** Jacob Bostic!!! Don’t miss it!!! Jacob Bostic…That Jake…….


Bostic, Thomas Bostic, Family Found Genealogy

The death certificate of Thomas Bostic says….

Bostic, Family Found, Genealogy
Thomas Bostic’s Death Certificate

What it does not tell you is that Thomas was the family’s Gate Watcher. (That person who traditionally watched by the gate for you to come home, and was anxious when you were late.)

Whenever I hear stories about Thomas I’m reminded of a  poem that I once read……HOLD WIDE THE DOOR……

Thomas Bostic Family Found
Hold Wide The Door Poem

Thomas, in every sense of the word, exemplified the poem quoted above.  He provided nourishment and shelter for many of his family members.

That is what he did for my grandmother, his sister Mattie.

When an agent for the steel mill asked my grandfather, James Bradford, if he wanted to go north, my grandfather said yes. He told someone to tell his wife that he was going north and that he would send for her.

My grandfather knew without a doubt that she would go to her brother Thomas, and that is exactly what she and her young daughters did.

Thomas Bostic, ever faithful, ever loyal and always there. Because of this, our family has always held Thomas in high regard.

A special remembrance of Thomas’ life is a story my grandmother told me about him. Thomas was only a year older than she was. He loved her so much that he gave her his name, he never called her Mattie. He called her Tommy.

I cannot tell you in this short space of all his acts of kindness, but you will no doubt hear more about him as we soldier on.

Our next blog will tell you about the baby of the family, Jacob. He also lived in Thomas’ household at one time.


There are several types of death records. Don’t limit yourself to only thinking death certificate. Much information can be gained by reading obituaries, tombstones, cemetery records (contact the cemetery office), and Probate Records (probate records are held at a county level).

The Reunion (Part 2) My Genealogy Search and Research Tips

Bostic Family Reunion

In my previous blog I mentioned that I went back and forth on what this blog post would be entitled. As you can tell, I settled on The Reunion.

Why? You might ask.

Because that is exactly what it was, a reunion. There were no strangers among us. Pat, Dot, Redd, Renay, Valarie, Lala, Sheila, Sharon and the list goes on and on.

They were us!!

They were Ellen and Solomon, they were Jacob and Sophia, they were Solomon, London, Thomas, Edmund, Sally, Mary, Jacob Jr., Zilla and Mattie. They were all the Bostic’s past and present, and so were we.

Surely you see what it was, do you not? It was a reunion of all the Bostic’s who had survived the harrowing journey from Africa to America and the plantation life of Society Hill, SC and Marlboro County.

We’ve all  heard of the South Carolina Cotton Trail.

Cotton Field of South Carolina
Cotton Field of South Carolina

This reunion was the living example of Maya Angelou’s poem, Still I Rise. This reunion was Langston Hughes poem, Still Here.

As I looked at all the lovely faces of my Bostic family, the realization hit me. It was all for us!! Right here in this moment in time!! People had survived just for us!! Can you imagine the enormity of knowing that someone survived just for “You”?

Family Reunion
Bostic Family Reunion

It reminds me of the bible verse in Jeremiah 1:5 that says, “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you”.

Our ancestors had set out to leave a living legacy and we were it.

Everything about the reunion was wonderful. The “Meet and Greet” still gives me butterflies. Sitting and talking to family members who we hadn’t physically met before; but knew them nonetheless.

Reunion Meet and Greet
Reunion Meet and Greet

A roomful of people with the same bloodline running through our veins.

Solomon and Ellen, Jacob and Sophia. AMAZING!!

One of the most memorable moments of the “Meet and Greet” was when Pat and Dot showed us a picture of my great-grandmother Mattie Bostic standing beside her brother Jacob. (My mother cried).

Siblings...Mattie and Jacob...Family Found
Siblings….Mattie and Jacob… Family Found

We were back!!!!

Back to where it all began. We had answered the call. No, not that call. Not the call that took place between Pat, Dot, mom, Aunt Vicky and me.

We answered, “THE CALL”, the call of the “BLOOD”. The Bostic blood that has been absorbed within the fibers of South Carolina. The call of the “Blood” that had now said, “it’s time to come home…. if only for a moment”.

Home we had all come, and it couldn’t be more evident as it was on the day of the Reunion.

Food, fun, prizes, stories told, introductions made, and addresses exchanged.

Family Reunion Family Found
family reunion banquet
Family Reunion 2015
Reunion – Food….Food….. and more Food

Did I mention food? Yes? No? LOL!!!

Food…Food and more Food!!! It was so good and there was so much; you knew you could only be in the South!!

Oh!!! I almost forgot!! My very first “SELFIE” with my cousin LaLa!!

Now that’s what family reunions are all about.

Sunday, the last day of the reunion, I can only imagine that the heavens opened up. Solomon and Ellen, Sophia and Jacob in the grandstands of heaven cheering us on, saying, “we did that, yes, we did that”.

And the response they heard was, “well done good and faithful servants”.


Genealogy Tip: Compare, Compare, Compare!! Never take one record as fact. Review all records to make sure you are pulling your relative and not someone else. Just because you find someone with the same name and date of birth doesn’t mean that person belongs to you.

I hope you have enjoyed this week’s Family Found Reunion Story. Please come back next week as we begin introducing you to the children of Sophia and Jacob. Thomas will be first, not because he was first born, just because we chose him first. LOL!!!

The Call – My Genealogy Search and Research Tips

The Call - My Genealogy Search
The Call – My Genealogy Search

January 21, 2015 was the evening of “The Call”.

In my previous blog I mentioned that January 20th was one of my most memorable evenings due to the “Family Found” email that I had received from Dot and Pat.

All that I can say is, if I was floating on a cloud after receiving that email, can you IMAGINE my feelings on the night of “The Call?”

This was an epic event!! I don’t know how I got through the work day.  “Nervous Excitement” are the only words that can describe how I felt.

After work I picked up my Aunt Vicky and we headed to my mom’s house to make “The Call”.  Initially there was no answer.

To think that a letter to the editor had paid off so quickly. 

A letter that Pat and Dot had not seen!!

Someone their brother knew had read the letter and told  him about it.  The possibility of my family not seeing my letter wasn’t in the forefront of my mind. My thoughts were more on the lines of when would they see it? To think that my letter almost slipped past my family.

In true movie fashion wouldn’t you say?………We all know the scene in the movie when a letter falls between the cracks in the floor and isn’t found for 30 years. I hate movies like that!!! I always find myself yelling, “the letter, get the letter!!”

Old Tattered Letter
An old tattered letter that is unreadable.

Thankfully the letter pictured above wasn’t the case with my letter. My letter made the January 15, 2015 addition of the Herald Advocate on page 6, entitled “Ohio Resident Seeks Info!” It’s only now while typing this blog that I realize that my letter published on “MY BIRTHDAY!!!”

Letter to the editor
Ohio Resident Seeks Info!

As I’m sharing this experience with you, I am sitting here with the same silly smile on my face that I had the night of “The Call”.

I can recall three things from that phone conversation:

  • The trembling of my hands when I dialed the number the second time.
  • The warmth and excitement in the voices of Pat and Dot.
  • Nathaniel Bostic’s name being mentioned.

Nathaniel Bostic
(Fun Fact)..Diane Bostic-Buggs (Nathaniel’s granddaughter) said, “When Nathaniel drove his car he would take his time – he would say that the driver who was racing along side of him was only going to the next traffic light.”

What I “can’t” remember about “The Call” is anything else that was said. I mean NOTHING, nothing at all. LOL!!!

Thank goodness for mom and Aunt Vicky because those two ladies have “NEVER” and I mean “NEVER” met a stranger. They can talk to anyone as if they’ve known them for years and can recall the details of every conversation.

After the phone conversation mom, Aunt Vicky and I were smiling at each other. For a brief moment they looked as if they were reflecting on memories of the past; as if they had their mother and grandmother back.

Whimsical and Wonderful is how I would describe that evening; it all seemed too good to be true.

The magical moment was broken with what I’m sure seemed like the craziest question ever. I asked, “What if they’re strangers? What if they’re not our Bostic’s?”

That was the cold water on the moment of bliss. Mom and Aunt Vicky looked at me as if I was nuts, they were “ALMOST” rendered speechless.

They asked, “Are you crazy? Of course they’re not strangers!!” Now keep in mind that mom and Aunt Vicky have never met a stranger; so just because they said, “of course they’re not strangers” wasn’t necessarily the ringing endorsement that I was looking for.

I must have  looked doubtful because in that moment mom and Aunt Vicky turned into Sadie’s daughters and Mattie Bostic’s granddaughters!!

The one thing that every child and the spouses of my mother and her siblings learn very quickly is that you “NEVER” and I mean “NEVER” doubt anything that pertains to:

  1.  Mama!!
  2.  Grandma!!

If someone was skating on thin ice that night it was definitely me.

I was back in their good graces once I explained that even though the phone was on speaker, I had heard nothing because I was so excited that the call had even taken place.

They assured me that all the people, places and things discussed all lined up.

“THE CALL!!!” We were another step closer!! The descendants of Mattie Bostic-Bradford and her brother London Bostic had made the connection.

Some say life is a cycle and others say the circle of life, call it what you like,  either way I agree because past and present were coming full circle.

The children of Jacob Bostic Sr. and Sophia McCullough-Bostic were making their way back home to where it all began.

My hopes are that you have enjoyed another portion of my genealogy journey. Please come back next week for more of the journey.

***ANCESTRY TIP OF THE WEEK *** don’t forget to look for Delayed Birth Records during your genealogy search. You can find a wealth of information in a Delayed Birth Record. Please use the link below to learn more about delayed birth records.

The image below is a copy of the delayed birth record of my great-uncle Jake Bostic; and as my family knows, “I’m All Things Jake” so I’m thrilled to be able to share his birth record with you. 

Delayed Birth Record
Delayed Birth Record