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THOMAS BOSTIC – Watching By The Gate, by Vicky Alfred was the initial introduction to Thomas.

She explained:

  1. You would be hearing more about Thomas, and
  2. Next week’s regular blog series would introduce you to Thomas’ baby brother, Jake Bostic.

Today we will take care of item #1. More about Thomas Bostic.

Thomas Bostic had something stolen from him…….HIS HEART!!

Thomas Bostic the man who was known for having a “heart of gold”, gladly handed it over to the woman who had already stolen it, Bynella Townsend.

Thomas and Bynella Bostic, Family Found Genealogy
Thomas & Bynella Bostic, The King Maker

Thomas, age 20 and Bynella, age 18 married in 1907. They had their first child, David Bostic in 1908. Solomon Bostic followed shortly thereafter in 1910.

Yes!!! Thomas Bostic was the “King Maker”.

Thomas and Bynella referred to their sons as “King David” and “King Solomon”. What could be more fitting for the sons of Thomas Bostic?

I imagine that when you hear the names King David and King Solomon certain characteristics come to mind. Power, Passion, Zest for Life and of course WISDOM.

Thomas Bostic was a man that encompassed all those characteristics. He had the makings of a “King”, or better yet, TWO “Kings”.

Thomas Bostic had so much to give and he gave it all!!!

He was as smart as he was kind. If you needed the answer, Thomas was your guy.

Thomas was a hard worker and took pride in all his accomplishments. He was a farm laborer who became the land overseer during a time when a black man was looked upon as incapable of; or not intelligent enough to handle managerial responsibilities.

When it came to “Thomas” everyone knew differently. Everyone knew that Thomas was the right man for “ANY” job. You could place a book on top of Thomas’ head and the knowledge would be absorbed. (Thomas was one of those Bostic’s), they are in every generation of the Bostic family. If you are a Bostic in the Sophia and Jacob lineage, you know who that person is in your family line that has that extreme ability to learn everything effortlessly. We all have one.

Thomas showed both of his sons, “King David” and “King Solomon”, what it was to be a true leader. Not   just outside of the home, but within the home as well.

Thomas Bostic was a hard act to follow. He provided for his wife and children in such a way that most men would say, there was nothing more to do, he was doing it all.

Thomas was not most men.

Thomas never saw a job as complete, he viewed everything with a question of what’s next? Or, how do I make this better? Whatever the final answer was, is what Thomas did.

They say behind every good man is a good woman. In Thomas case he knew this to be true. The woman behind him and beside him was Bynella Townsend-Bostic.

They say that home is where the heart is, and Bynella was that “one” woman who had a heart that matched Thomas’ heart. Together they created a home that was a haven and a castle for all the people that they loved.

To attempt to count the number of Bostic’s and Townsend’s that were housed, fed, clothed and comforted by Thomas and Bynella would be a foolish undertaking at best. Just know that the list goes on and on.

One of Thomas’ nephews, Nathaniel Bostic, was known for the statement, “I was born a man, and I will die a man”. Nathaniel certainly accomplished this, and In retrospect, if Nathaniel was here today and thought back on his uncle Thomas, he would say that Thomas was the “O.G” when it came to being a man.

Thomas Bostic touched all our lives in ways we will never know; but one thing is for sure and I think that Nathaniel would agree, being a man when you are a Bostic is an inheritance because Bostic men walk in the footsteps of the “King Maker” and his brothers.

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